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Issue 106 - Awaken the Five Senses


Awaken your five senses and discover deeper meaning in your quest for beauty and pleasure. Quiet your mind to take in the layered experiences of appreciating art in all its forms. The world is more beautiful than we realize.

In this issue, we seek out ways to sharpen our senses and nourish our souls instead of dulling them or overstimulating them. We can awaken our taste buds with fresh, wholesome food. After a day of stress, traffic noise, and pop music, listening to classical music can reset our minds. Great works of art leave us feeling inspired instead of drained. Clothing made of natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe and feel exquisite. By nourishing each of our senses, we discover paths of understanding ourselves and the nature of life.

Sensations shape our perceptions and experiences of the world. Through art and refined living, we can broaden that perspective and deepen our connections in this world.