About Us

Welcome to the Magnifissance store! For over a decade, Magnifissance Magazine has been searching the world for the best artisans, designers, and stories about classical aesthetics and traditional techniques in art, architecture, fashion, food, and wellness. 

Along our journey, we’ve come across many one-of-a-kind products that have incredible stories and craftspeople behind them. Our readers have shown a keen interest in trying the products made by these talented artisans. In support of the artisans and brands we’ve come to appreciate, we’ve carefully curated a selection of items in the new Magnifissance store, which we will expand gradually, product by product. 

Through these items, Magnifissance wishes to connect you to a world where timeless beauty and traditional wisdom are celebrated, where legends live on, where the small joys in life are cherished, and where lasting quality meets everyday living. 

Welcome to the world of Magnifissance!

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