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What makes the M-Comb special?

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Artist Story

Chan from Taiwan has a true love for woodcraft. The gifted artisan behind the M-Comb has been handcrafting traditional wooden products for decades, but it wasn’t until his own health crisis that he realized the power of the wood comb. 

After a surgery left his face partially paralyzed, a traditional Chinese doctor suggested he bring in one of his combs to help with the massage and acupressure techniques used to re-stimulate facial nerves. It worked wonders, and after six months, he was back to normal. 

The experience set him on a new path, and the M-Comb was born. His combs are always handmade from a single piece of wood, selected for its weight, color, and aroma. Though the final product appears simple, the process of making one of these rare combs involves over a hundred steps.

Chan requires his artisans to maintain a positive mindset while making combs. He believes that the emotions of the craftsman live in the craft. “Anything handmade has a heart. When there’s a heart, there is feeling, and it has power.” Chan’s process is one of intimacy. He notices nuances that others can’t detect in the comb. 

“It’s just like dating someone you love. You want to know everything about her, her family, her everything. That’s why I say I’ve been in love with my combs all my life.”

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