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Oolong Tea Tasting Box

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Magnifissance has curated this oolong tea tasting box together with Eastern Leaves. The box features 6 types of handcrafted oolong tea, ranging from the light roasted floral Tieguanyin to the weighty metallic Shui Xian.

The tea box includes 6 tasting bags, 10g each, 60g in total.

Shui Xian

Shui Xian is the most delicate Yancha (rock tea), which means this tea is cultivated in the narrow terraces or tiny patches of land found between the giant dark rocks of the Wuyi region in China. This roasted black oolong tea has an amber liquor with rich woody and fruity aromas.


This tea was harvested from within the Wuyi Nature Reserve areas. It has a floral taste, with a magnolia note, a thick, silky mouthfeel, and a clean mineral finish.

Bai Rui Xiang

Bai Rui Xiang is a beautiful rock tea from the Wuyi mountains. This tea is aromatic, offering a harmonious balance of minerality, spice, floral qualities, and sweetness.

Gardenia Dan Cong

This Gardenia aroma is one of the most fragrant, with graceful hints of honey. The flavour has accents of fragile ivory-white flowers that bloom at each infusion, filling the air with a fascinating and intense scent, while dyeing the cup with elegant amber hues.

Lightly Roasted Tieguanyin

This lightly roasted Tieguanyin tea has floral garden flavours and creamy notes. It’s a perfect choice for those with delicate palates who will be surprised by the great floral bouquet with lingering notes of orchid and narcissus. The roasted notes emerge in the aftertaste, leaving a complex flavour in the palate and creating a sense of anticipation for the next brew.

Heavily Roasted Tieguanyin

This heavily-roasted Tieguanyin tea has a more intense twist, with warm fruity notes of peaches and pomegranate. It comes from the Fo Shou cultivar, which adds a peculiar minerality to the natural floral fragrance. A higher oxidation level discloses a great range of aromas, releasing three different flavours in the teacup: a whirl of flowers, a juicy note of ripe fruit, and a lingering roasted aftertaste with mellow notes of dark chocolate.