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Green Tea Tasting Box

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Magnifissance has curated this green tea tasting box together with Eastern Leaves. It features 6 unique green teas, all carefully handcrafted to ensure the best flavours from nature.

The box includes 6 tasting bags, 10g each, 60g in total.

Anji Baicha

The fresh purity of this special green tea has a complex umami flavour with a fresh spring leaf aroma. This celebrated tea is grown at an altitude of 600 m and is carefully handcrafted over a 30-day period in early spring. Each leaf of Anji Baicha contains 6.5% of amino-acids, about four times more than the average green tea.

Enshi Yulu

Enshi Yulu (translated as the dewdrops of Enshi) is one of the most delicate green teas, as fresh as the morning dew after the first spring rain. It’s made from unripe buds and very young leaves, rich in amino acids from which the refreshing umami flavor derives. This tea also carries balsamic notes of musk, mint, and fern. The infusion is of a light jade green and a sweet aroma emanates from the cup, with subtle notes of fennel.

Taiping Houkui 

The process of making Taiping Houkui is the most tedious one among all teas because every leaf must be individually hand-pressed. The result is that Taiping Houkui is grassier and significantly more floral in taste compared to other green teas.

Lu'an Guapian

Lu'an Guapian is a very old green tea that was historically praised by scholars and people in the Chinese imperial family. Today, pickers continue to select the leaves with the utmost care, choosing only the older and bigger leaves, which give strength and complexity to the tea. The first brews release a sweet scent of roasted chestnuts that is warm and long-lasting. The tea liquor shines with a pure emerald light that gets stronger and more intense with each new brew.

Maofeng, Curled Leaves

Unlike most traditional green teas, which go through a shape-making step during production, Maofeng, Curled Leaves is "freestyle." Thus, the leaves naturally curl up due to the high temperature. The curled shape allows the leaves to release their fragrance slowly through the succession of infusions, making each brew new and unique. The flavours range from fresh notes of mint to mellow hints of butter.


Regarded as the King Tea of China, Longjing is the most coveted green tea. This cultivar is rare and its production scarce with roots that go back to the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). The Longjing liquor has a delicate green shade that shines with golden hues, disclosing a note of mellow taste. Sweet notes of pear are accompanied by a natural hazelnut flavour and floral notes of vanilla orchid, leaving the mouth with the fresh umami taste that characterizes this ancient tea.