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Invisible Mountain Incense Burner

This is a creative incense burner, showcasing undulating mountains hidden into the crystal-clear acrylic sheets over a solid wood bottom box.

As the wisps of smoke begin floating up, the mountain gradually emerges from the haze, taking on a pale yellow hue. 

The smoke becomes the ink and time becomes the brush. As time goes by, the colour of the mountain is gradually darkened. 

The smoke of fragrant incense rises into the air like clouds rising up from the mountains, creating an artful meditative mood in the room.

The diffuser comes with twenty-four sandalwood incense sticks made in Taiwan by well-known incense maker FushanKodo. No chemical additives are used in the incense, resulting in a refined, earthy fragrance that captures the sandalwood’s pure essence and blends organically into any space.


1.8” H x 5.1 ” W x 1.4” D