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Issue 124 - Between Mountains and Waters

The ancient philosopher Confucius said that the virtuous find delight in the mountains while the wise find delight in the waters. In this issue, join us on an adventure as we embark on a fashion shoot amidst majestic mountains, deep forests and serene waters, where the carefree soul dances in one with nature’s rhythm. Discover artist Chen Chun-hao and his ingenuity to transform millions of ordinary nails into extraordinary landscapes. Delight in the secluded retreat designed by mwworks amidst the lush forests. Traverse Yunnan's pristine waters and azure sky, where artist Lin Fanglu has shaped ancient tie-dye techniques into captivating textile art. As William Shakespeare once stated, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” Allow yourself to be enchanted by the aesthetic brilliance of our curated stories and images. Order issue 124 today!