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Shui Ping Zhu Clay Zisha Teapot

Zisha teapots have been considered an essential brewing vessel for gongfu tea since the 16th century. They are highly valued for their ability to enhance tea’s aroma and flavour—the unglazed surface creates a patina that enriches the beverage’s taste.

This one is called Shui Ping, which refers to its handle, opening, and spout tip all lining up at the same level.

The classic shape of the Shui Ping teapot consists of a round body, button-tipped lid, and straight spout.The teapot’s form appears simple, yet it’s a challenging testament to the craftsmanship and aesthetic vision of the maker.

The terracotta colour comes fromZhu clay, which has a lower proportion of sand, making the material less porous to better retain the tea's flavour and aroma.

This teapot comes in a gift box with a certificate from the artist included.


2.9” H x 4.6” W

Volume: 120ml